Auditions for all voice parts are held by appointment. Sign up now and we will reach out with more details.

The audition includes:

  • Range: simple scales and arpeggios to check range and tone
  • Sight reading: a cappella sight reading of various difficulty, as well as accompanied sight reading with piano
  • Pitch memory: a series of three to four pitches played on the piano to be sung back on a syllable of the singer’s choice
  • Solo: “My Country Tis of Thee” a cappella, first verse only. Words and music will be available in the audition, but singers should familiarize themselves with the tune beforehand and are encouraged to memorize it in order to be prepared to sing it at different pitch levels with demonstrating good tone quality, pitch, and diction. Singers should be prepared to receive feedback and sing it multiple times, adapting their sound based on the director’s vocal coaching. No other solo is required.

Audition form

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